Our staff, is proud to have supported the endurance racing category since 2005, when we got into sports consulting and sponsorship activation, working with event organziers and companies active in running, triathlon, and cyling.

Our experiences working with other race organizers helped us launch what is now known as the Endurance Race Series. Athough we have been producing our own events since 2012, we are still very much active in the consulting category, with even more knowledge and expereince to bring to our clients. 

Having an idea for an event, and seeing it come to life is pure satisfaction for us, so let the Endurance Race Series help you with your vision!

Below is a list of services we currently provide to race organizers...





From start to finish the ERS team will work with you and your staff to help create the event you want, themed fun run, charity event, or OCR it doesnt matter, we got you covered.

Our team will sit down with you and walk you through the steps needed, set up timelines, assist with permits, supply equipment, and event staff.


We will do it all! 




Great race announcing brings the right energy to any event. The ERS has access to announcers on staff, in both Colorado and San Diego, so if looking for someone to talk on the mic for a few hours, and get the crowd excited, we can handle it.






Knowing your course is well marked and setup with the right equipment, while making sure volunteers and course marshals are in their positions is a huge relief on race morning.  

The ERS has the capabilities to help with course management and provide equipment you might need.  




It's all about the bling!!

The ERS is excited to now offer creative design for both race medals and race shirts. 

People participate in events for either of these so you need to make sure you are offering up some great swag!


The ERS will help design in house, and connect you to both manufactures and printers to help you save $ 


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