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Supporting the Race Community Any Way We Can


All Race Driectors know how chaotic race day can be when there are last minute items to finish, especially those that can include  course markings or getting volunteers into place. Oh but wait... then there is the clean up....

Having a company with the event staff, that  you can rely on to get these tasks done and knowing your cleanup is complete, is a HUGE relief on race morning. So let the ERS complete the course get your volunteers in place, with the right equipment, so you don't have to sweat the last minute logistics. 



Having an idea for an event, and seeing it come to life is pure satisfaction... So let us help you with your vision.

From start to finish the ERS team will work with you and your staff to help create the event you want... themed fun run, charity event, or OCR it doesnt matter, we got you covered.

Our team will sit down with you and walk you through the steps needed, set up timelines, assist with permits, supply equipment, and event staff.


We will do it all! With 15 years experience and over 40 produced events under our belt, we know what it takes to make an event successful.


One of the best, most energetic aspects of any event comes from great race announcing, so if you are an event manager or event director located in the San Diego area or Colorado front range, ERS Event Marketing has access to announcers on staff that will talk for hours, bring it on the mic, and create some energy for your runners and spectators.


Our announcers are professional and willing to put the time and energy in representing your brand. They will supply their own event music/ playlist or work with you on your music selections throughout the event.

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Having the right equipment on race morning makes all the difference in getting your brand awareness seen and looking good.  

Arches, Barricade, tents, tables, etc... we will have the equipment you will need to make your event a success, and if we don't we have the connections to get the equipment you need on race day.


The ERS staff will sit down with you and your staff to organize logistics, to make sure you have everything you need.


It's all about the bling! (or so they say)

ERS Event Marketing is excited to now offer our  creative design services for both race medals and race shirts. 

Your event is a brand, and what your brand brings to the swag table is important. People participate in events for either of these items so you need to make sure you are offering up some great swag!


The ERS will help design in house, and connect you to both manufactures and printers to help you save $ 

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