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Endurance Race Series

Trail Resources

Trail beginner or experienced runner... everyone is all always looking for information to help them improve their trail running experience or an opportunity to expand their community. The Endurance Race Series is happy to offer some of our resources to help with that journey.  

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Trail Running Etiquette

If you are new to trail running or a runner that just wants a trail refresher here are some helpful tips to help keep you safe and ensure you have fun...


  1. ​Stay on the trails and follow posted trail signs, and do NOT go into areas that are restricted or closed.

  2. ​Yield the "right of way" to faster runners. Step off the trail and allow enough room for others to pass. Stay to the Right and Pass on the Left.

  3. ​Leave no trace. Meaning, "Please don't litter". Ever! It's bad for the environment, takes away from the experience for others, and could be harmful to animals

  4. ​Low Volume Music. If you are running on the trails with headphones, keep the volume low enough to be able to hear what is going on around you

  5. ​Don't be a Trail hog. If running with a group of runners, don't run with more than 2 abreast.

  6. ​Always be aware of your surroundings. Knowing what is going on around you is very important.

  7. ​Safety before ego. Meaning don't bite off more than you can chew. Be mindful of the trail terrain, weather conditions, etc..

  8. ​Don't approach wildlife. Live and let live. Wildlife doesn't want you to mess with them, and you definitely don't want them to mess with you.

  9. ​Be Friendly. One of the biggest draws to trail running is the "community" of outdoor lovers. Continue to build it and welcome others, even if it just a wave or nod.

Trail Racing Etiquette

For those looking to compete in a trail race, here are just a few additional tips of trail racing etiquette...


  1. Thank the volunteers. This should go without saying. Trail Races DON'T happen without volunteers. They get up earlier than you, wait out in the heat or cold, or hike a couple miles to an aid station.

  2. Help a fellow racer in need. One of the greatest parts of trail running is how remote it may become, but that can also be a burden if a runner is having trouble. So don't hesitate to put the runner first if they are in need.

  3. Support other trail runners. Anyone out on the trails is there to have some fun and experience the outdoors like you. So support them as you pass them, or as they pass you. "ENCOURAGMENT!"

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Weekly/Monthly Group Runs




San Diego Trail Runners

Location: Mission Trails Park

San Diego

Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Distance: 3-6 Miles

Terrain: Trail

Group Run Info: Click HERE

Facebook Group: HERE




Endurance Race Series

Location: Double Peak Brewery

San Marcos

Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Distance: 3.5 Miles

Terrain: Trail

Address: 1801 Diamond St, 92078

Facebook Group: HERE





Location: Lake Hodges


Meeting Time: 6:30am

Distance: 3-10 Miles

Terrain: Trail

Address: 3671 Sunset Dr, 92025

Facebook Group: HERE





Bambei Get Movin Active Social

Location: Bambei Brewing Co.

Superior, CO

Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Distance: 1-3 Miles

Terrain: Road




Broomfield Running CLub

Location: I HOP IPA Beer Bar


Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Distance: 3-6 Miles

Terrain: Road

Facebook Group: HERE


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