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For the 1st time ever, the ERS will crown an "ERS Colorado Champion"!! That's right... for the last 5 years we have been planning for something like this, and we are excited to see it finally come together. Just like everything else, we know there will be adjustments and questions over the next 7 months as we prepare our Colorado Summer Series for the first ever championship. 

Here is what we know at this time...

  1. The Championship Series will be tied directly into the Season Pass Race registration. Meaning... you sign up for the Season Pass you are automatically entered into the Championship Series regardless of running level. 

  2. Each Season Pass package will crown a champion. Loose categories will be Half Marathon Champion, 10K Champion, and 5K Champion. Overall winners only at this time. Age Groups added at a future time. 

  3. Top Male and Female winners crowned in all 3 categories.

  4. Leaderboard and winners organized and awarded by the LEAST total accumulated race time across the 5 events.  

  5. Runners COMPETING in the Championship Series will be required to complete all 5 events, no throw away events. 

    1. If you miss an event, it disqualifies you from the Championship leaderboard. 

    2. You are not allowed to upgrade or downgrade a distance while COMPETING in series.

  6. Leaderboard will be listed and updated after every event.

  7. Runners signing up for individual races will not qualify for the Championship Series. 

More details will be announced at a later time. We welcome all suggestions and questions. 

Not looking to compete in the championship or not sure you can race all events... no worries! If you choose not to compete and only run for yourself or for fun, then we welcome you to our ERS Season Pass family as well! 

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