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As the racing industry continues to be affected by today's current health scare, the Endurance Race Series, understands we need to be there to support the runner in providing an outlet to keep them active and engaged. We are excited to announce that we have officially opened up a virtual race option to our 2020 Summer Season. The virtual option is now available for all our individual races AND our Season Pass registration options.

What does this mean? As a runner you can sign up for a virtual option to any race, and run the distance you signed up for at a time and location that works within your schedule and at your pace. 

What do you receive with the virtual option? All runners that sign up for the virtual option will receive the race finishers medal, race shirt (if selected), and race bib.

How do you receive the shirt, medal, and bib? We will offer a pre-race packet pickup before each of our physical races, and you can pick up your packet then. If you are out of the area or unable to make it to the packet pickup, we will mail your packet. 

You signed up for a virtual season pass or an individual race, when will your packet be available or sent? Medals, shirts , and bibs, for each of our individual races will be available or sent out the weekend of the physical event. Meaning, if you signed up for a virtual option to our July 19th, Black Hawk race, your packet would not be available or sent until the 18th or 19th of July.

You signed up for a physical race option already, can you switch to a virtual option or vice versa? Yes, if you know you cannot make the physical race, or you are signed up for a virtual race and now want to attend, we do offer a transfer. Because of the difference in registration fee, there is a $10-$15 upgrade fee to the physical race, while any downgrade to a virtual option does not allow for a refund in the difference. All transfer requests of this nature must be outside our 2 week policy. Any request within the 2 weeks, no transfer will be allowed. If you would like to request a transfer please email  

What is the cost for a virtual race? Virtual race pricing is set up on a tiered pricing structure like our normal registration fees. The Virtual Half will always be $15 less than the physical half, the 10K will be $10 less than the physical 10K, and the 5K will be $5 cheaper than the physical 5K.

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Virtual Challenges


Welcome to the Endurance Race Series' ASCEND TO 2021 CHALLENGE...

Let's face it, 2020 was a "dumpster fire" of a year for almost everyone. So lets climb out of the dumpster and into 2021 where possibilities are endless!

This is a TEAM CHALLENGE. So get your TEAM OF 3 ready and prepare for some massive gains... ELEVATION GAINS THAT IS!

Each team will have the entire month of December to gain as many TOTAL feet of elevation as possible. Each team member will need to log their results with RunSignUp (daily recommendation) and record your elevation gains, allowing the ERS to track team leaderboards and milestones through the course of the month.  You can get your elevation gains by running, walking, or hiking. (no biking). Best way to track those elevation gains is by your GPS watch, Apple Watch, or Fitness Tracker App (just make sure it records your elevation gain for the day). 

We will announce a Top 5 leaderboard weekly  (Friday's @ 12pm PDT)

During the challenge the ERS has set milestones, the first team to reach that specific milestone will be awarded with an ERS sponsor prize. (Prizes TBD). Each milestone reached will be awarded a "larger" prize.  At the end of the ASCEND TO 2021 CHALLENGE, the first place team will be awarded an OVERALL WINNER prize (Overall Prize TBD)


  • 25,000 FEET

  • 50,000 FEET

  • 75,000 FEET

  • 100,000 FEET


Participants will be able to submit your elevation results on a daily basis to RUNSIGNUP through the event page. Results will show both an individual leaderboard and a TEAM LEADERBOARD (which is what the ERS will be monitoring). If you need more information on submitting results, you can review this link below. 

Additional ERS Vitrual Challenges:  

2020 Elevate Challenge 

This Challenge was held June, 2020


  1. HECTOR RODRIGUEZ- 61,224' of gain

  2. ERIK DAVIS- 60,010' of gain

  3. BAILEE MULHOLLAND- 53,295' of gain

  4. ENRIGUE ANCISO- 44,781' of gain

  5. LORI NELLIS- 34,513' of gain


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