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We are always looking to improve our programs, community outreach, and education of the trails, so it is our pleasure to offer up FREE training runs throughout the year, which will either be hosted and/ or lead by an ERS staff member or ERS ambassador.   Our dedicated staff and Ambassadors are experienced trail runners that live and train in the communities where we hold events, so they have extended knowledge of those local trails. 

For more information on each of our Ambassadors, please feel free to visit the AMBASSADOR PAGE.

There currently no Training runs scheduled.

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Are you completing your first trail race this summer? Or maybe you are looking for some camaraderie, expert coaching, or to explore new trails and meet new running buddies? Join the Life's 2 Short Fitness trail running group just for women!  

Learn more/register now soon, spaces are limited!  Visit us @

The Endurance Race Series is proud and honored to work in, and support one of the best communities in the category of endurance sports. We are always looking for ways to build and educate the trail running community, get new or novice runners involved, or how to  help those experienced trail runners find ways to train for their upcoming trail running races.

In 2017, we launched our own set of training runs through our Ambassador program, and our new training partnership with Life's 2 Short Fitness, a trail running training group in Colorado designed for women.  In 2018, we are excited to continue this program and expand these opportunities to California runners as well. We hope that these programs are helpful in your training and you are able to join one of our ERS Ambassadors for a future training run.

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