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  • "The Del Dios half was a beautiful run. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be super hot, dry, dusty, and windy, which made the run a challenge. The aid stations, were quite spread apart, which was difficult because I wasn't carrying water on me. What I really appreciate about ERS is that they apologized to everyone for the lack of aid station supplies on such a hot day and offered a discount in future runs to participants. It's nice to see a race company that actually cares about its runners instead of money. Thanks ERS!"- Leah R.
  • "My first trail race was the Westminster Trail 10K, and I loved every minute of it! Volunteers were incredibly helpful. After mile 2 I realized I had a few too many layers on, the guys at the water stop let me leave my jacket there to pick up on my return. I can't wait for the next one"- Katie W.
  • "The Endurance Race Series staff is doing an excellent job in organizing the half marathon and 10's through the year. The races are smaller (around 350) and are dirt roads or trails"- Francoise C
  • "Thank you for making my 100th Half Marathon possible and making it the event it should be. The support throughout the entire race from the staff and volunteers was outstanding" - Mary P
  • "A Class Above, in terms of race events" - Cam M
  • "The ERS staff goes out of their way to give you the best experience ever"- Mandi R.
  • "I bought the 10k Season Pass as a way to support my fitness goals. I am achieving that and along the way, with each race, i see friendly, supportive, joyful people who motivate me with their positive energy. This is a consistently, extraordinary experience that i am recommending to everyone i know. You ROCK Endurance Race Series" - Michelle K.

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