The ERS is proud to offer our very popular kid's dash at each of our 12 trail events. 

Registration Fee: $10

(Reg available race morning only)

Distance: 1/4-1/2 Mile

(Distance varies event to event based on age of kids)

Includes Kids Medal

100% of Kids Dash Proceeds benefit

Girls on the Run


Run the trails with the Endurance Race Series. Join us for all races during the Sunshine or Summer Series and get the VIP treatment!

Season Pass

Thank you for choosing to participate with the Endurance Race Series.  We know there are many events out there to choose from, so your participation and support is much appreciated. 

One of the best features we are pleased to offer runners in both our Colorado and San Diego markets, is our very popular, very affordable, Season Pass Registration.  This "VIP" Package allows runners to register for ALL our events in each of these markets at 1 low price, through 1 registration transaction. 

Runners will have the option of selecting 1 of 2 race packages in either market:

  • COLORADO SUMMER SERIES (6 total races)-

    • RACE PACKAGE #1-  Includes 6 Half Marathon Races

    • RACE PACKAGE #2-  Includes 5 10K's and 1 15K Races


    • RACE PACKAGE #1- Includes 3 Half Marathons, 1 10 Mile, 1 15K, and 1 10K 

    • RACE PACKAGE #2- Includes 6 10K Races

*Season Pass Registration now includes a Legacy Program, for those runners that sign up for a Season Pass year after year... details below


  • VIP Goodie Bag (Received at 1st race of the respected Series)- Valued around $150 

  • Finish 5 OF 6  Races (CO) or 5 of 7 Races (CA) and  Receive our coveted "SEASON PASS MEDAL" and ERS Gift 

    • Allows Runners the opportunity to miss 1 or 2 events (based on location) before missing qualification of Season Pass Medal and Gift

Legacy Program

The Endurance Race Series is excited to offer a Legacy Program.  This program is designed to acknowledge and thank all those runners that sign up to run our races year after year. Our season pass holders, are the foundation to building our trail running community. So we feel it is important we give back to say Thank You for all the support over the years.


  • The Legacy Program will begin for each individual runner at Year 3. For example if you signed up for a series in 2019 and 2020, when you sign up for 2021 you automatically become a legacy runner

  • Each year a runner signs up for a seaosn pass, a new year is added to their legacy. For Example Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, etc…

  • Runners do NOT have to complete a season pass, to be considered a Legacy runner. You earn the title of Legacy at registration

  • Unlike other Legacy Race programs, Season Pass registrations do NOT have to be consecutive years. For example… you signed up in 2015, 2016 but missed 3 years and decided you would sign up in 2020, this would still make you a Year 3 Legacy Runner

  • Legacy Gifts will be:

    • Year 3- ERS Medal Hanger

    • Year 4- ERS Beanie

    • Year 5- Sweatshirt

    • Year 6- ERS branded Jacket

    • Year 7 and future- TBD