Loop Course + 3 Turnaround Points

3 Major Hills

(See Below)


Only 3 Aid Stations

Miles .75, Mile 4.5, and Mile 10.75

Additional Course Notes:

- The Half Marathon course can be VERY technical in some locations along the course, meaning there are some areas in which runners will have to run over rocks and through streams (ankle high, at most), some of these areas are considered single- track in nature and may be difficult to pass. Trail Running Experience is required. The ERS would not suggest this race distance for trail running beginners.


- Only 3 Aid Stations will be available to Half Marathon runners, due to the nature of the course and limited access points of water drop, runners should be prepared to supply their own hydration 

VERY Technical Course, Continuous Hills

Be Prepared to Self- Hydrate

Trail Running Experience Required

What the Runners Are Saying:

 "Beautiful mountain setting with LOTS of hill climbing. These trails can be rocky, so bring your trail shoes"  - Lynette J.  

Photos From Our Runners: