Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy if I cannot make it to my registered race?
We of course understand that things unexpectedly come up from time to time, but we unfortunately cannot give any monetary refunds.  Instead, we will transfer your race registration to any of our races within a 12 month period of the race you missed. If you encounter this situation, please fill out our RACE TRANSFER FORM, and email back to Once received our staff will get you a new confirmation number for your selected race.

What age group categories do you offer, and are prizes awarded?
Yes, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 males and females in each of the 6 age group categories for both the Half Marathon and 10k races. We offer the following age groups in each of our 10 races:

19 years and under
20-29 years of age
30-39 years of age
40-49 years of age
50-59 years of age
60+ Years of Age

Is there prize money awarded to the winners?
No. The Endurance Race Series does not offer prize money to any of our overall or age group winners, but will supply those runners with prizes supplied by our sponsors.

Are trail shoes required?
No. Trail shoes are not required but recommended. Wearing trail shoes will make navigating some of the terrain easier and safer.

Can I use my iPad or other music players?
Grey Are... Due to safety concerns, we prefer you do not use music players or accessories during the races. If someone tries to pass you while listening to music it causes safety issues for both parties. If you are one of those runners that can't live without music while you run, then we ask to be courteous to other runners and listen to your music at a lower volume so you can hear your surroundings.

Online registration is closed. Can I register on day of race or at packet pick-up?
Yes. The Endurance Race Series offers race day and packet pick-up registration at all 10 events. Race day registration opens 2 hours prior to start of the race.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my registration?
Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your race at any time leading up to the respective race. If upgrading, we will ask for the a $30 upgrade fee (10K to Half) or $15 (5K to 10K) at the time of upgrade, but do not offer any refund for downgrading a race distance. 

I am slow runner. Is there a course closure/cutoff time or do you allow runners to start earlier than the scheduled race time?
The Endurance Race Series does not put official time limits on the course, and will keep the course and finish area open until the last runner crosses the finish. If you feel like you are slower runner or need to walk, we do allow runners to begin 30 min or 60 min early based on the race course. If you are one of those runners/participants you will keep track of your own time and report it to the timing company upon finish of the race. 

What kind of food and drink will be provided on course?
Each aid station will consist of water and sports drink, along with energy gels (or something of the sort).

Are runners permitted to run with dogs?
No. We apologize but runners are not permitted to run with their dogs, even leashed, during any of the Endurance Race Series events. Reasons being amount of runners, type of terrain, and other added complications

Are runners allowed to participate with strollers? 

Yes and No. We are only able to allow strollers at the following races (all course distances)... Westminster, Longmont, and Louisville. These races offer a wider, less technical course, while all other races have more single track trails or are more technical in nature.  

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