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With an athletic background in Division One collegiate soccer, followed years later with a new love of running, I formed racepacepups in 2016.  After hobbling through what I describe as a "disastrous marathon", I was sulking on a beach reliving my race, and saw a woman running past with her dog.  My mood was instantly lifted and shockingly, my self pity went by the wayside.  The idea of combining my love of dogs with my love of running snowballed, and this became my purpose.

Erika M. 

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As a freshman In high school I tried out for the cross country team. I was told that I was so slow they had to time me on a calendar... It took 36 years before I ever had the desire to run again... In 2012 I ran the Denver ERS at Cherry Creek. It was my third race and first 10k. The next year I  ran four ERS races. In 2014 I became a season pass holder and have been ever since. My approach on running is very simple always smile, wave, cheer, encourage but mostly enjoy every step in the journey. I don't run to win I win because I run. Lastly a friend and a follow ambassador Erika M. once said to me "You are only given so many steps in your life make them count" and I add to that come run with us and see why ERS is so special.

Favorite ERS Race: Black Hawk

Reason: The course is challenging, lots of hills and single track trail to run plus lush meadows and beautiful landscapes that might make you want to stop and take a picture or ten. OH and did I mention lots of hills...

I remember my first ever pair of sneakers. I was little, and I was a literal kid. I remember literally "sneaking"  around the house in my red and white kicks.  It didn't take me long to realize what else they were good for--and I've been running ever since! These days I measure my success via high- fives: a single high -five for finishing a run; a double high -five for finishing uninjured! Woot. Woot!

Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch

Reason:  The colors, the textures, the temps, the figure 8 course, the single track, the mud, the ice crusts, the hills, the steamy pond, the stillness of the air at the start, and the chance to take a turn at seeing a moose

Tom C.

Lynette started running at the age of 50 in 2012; when she started working with a trainer at her gym, and he added running to her weekly training.  He also challenged her to run a 5k by the end of that summer, which she did.  Her first 10k distance was the Endurance Race Series Denver Trail run that same year.  Since then she has completed the entire Endurance Race Series for the past 3 years (2014, 2015, 2016) at the 10k distance. She has completed 12 Half Marathons, and 2 - 21 mile distance races.  She is hoping to finish her first Ultra Marathon distance race in 2017.  Lynette's passion is trail running, and her favorite running buddy is her Jack Russell Terrier, Riley (pictured).

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Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch
Reason: I love the Fall colors, the crisp cold morning, and for the possibility of seeing a moose on the trail. I especially like the second loop of the trail race, with the fun single trail portion

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The Endurance Race Series wouldn't be here if it weren't for the great trail running communities in which we operate. Through the years we have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals at our events, and sharing some great trail running stories. As we look to further these relationships and experiences we pride ourselves on the ability to grow within and connect to the trail running community.  

To help us grow our brand and recognition on the trails we have the honor to be represented by the following individuals. If you see them on the trails at an event near you, please feel free to say hello, and ask any questions you may have on the Endurance Race Series...  

You never know they may have a race discount for you!

Race Pace Pups

Rebecca started running as a way to lose weight after college. When approached to run the Bolder Boulder in 2008 she wondered why anyone would pay to run... Since that time, she has completed more than 150 half marathons, including one in all 50 states. She has also completed more than 60 races of marathon distance or longer (including marathons on 4 continents), four 100 milers and a 148 mile stage race along the Kokopelli trail. Trail running is her passion - look for her in the back of the pack!

Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch

Reason:  Love the fall colors and majestic mountain setting

Stacy started running in 2014 after 10 years of competitive soccer.  She is a back of the pack distance runner and has completed over 84 marathons in 49 states, 5 ultras, 20+ half's, in the last 3 years. Her 2017 schedule includes a 50k/50mile double, a 42k/50k/42k triple, a 50 mile, 15 marathons to reach her 100th, and running a marathon in her 50th state.

Favorite ERS Race: Beaver Creek

Reason: The challenging elevation gain and scenic views before the fun single track.

After a childhood of Ice Hockey, I found myself looking for a new lifetime exercise in college. I soon took up running and haven't left it since 2010. After college I found myself becoming more and more competitive with 10ks and knew I wanted to really test myself while living in San Diego. I completed my first Marathon on Catalina Island, CA in Nov 2016 finishing 13/211. I continue to remain competitive in the half marathon and hope to complete the ERS half marathon season this year. My goal as an ambassador is to meet veterans and novices alike from the area and introduce these great series of races.

I hated running in high school, even as a long jump and triple jumper on my track team. I did not pick up running again until 2013 at the age of 35, in an effort to get my pre-baby body back. I have run over 25 half marathons and three marathons and will do one more by Summer 2018!  I especially love running trails because it is easier on my body and I don't have to compete with cars on the roads.  And the scenery just can't be beat!

My favorite way to run is with friends.  When I am not running and not running after my kids, in my spare time (I'm not sure what that is!),  I love to read, cook and drink beer with my husband. 

Favorite ERS Race: Del Dios (Lake Hodges)
Reason: The course is not too technical, it is a beautiful time of year to run in San Diego and the course is stunning!

Rebecca W.

Smitha A.