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Mary Frances V 

Erika M. 

ERS Ambassadors

Favorite ERS Race: Black Hawk

Reason: The course is challenging, lots of hills and single track trail to run plus lush meadows and beautiful landscapes that might make you want to stop and take a picture or ten. OH and did I mention lots of hills...

Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch

Reason:  The colors, the textures, the temps, the figure 8 course, the single track, the mud, the ice crusts, the hills, the steamy pond, the stillness of the air at the start, and the chance to take a turn at seeing a moose

Tom C.

Favorite ERS Race: Roger's Grove
Reason: Very local race, and running through the Golden Ponds, helps you to get lost in nature

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Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch
Reason: I love the Fall colors, the crisp cold morning, and for the possibility of seeing a moose on the trail. I especially like the second loop of the trail race, with the fun single trail portion

Stacy B.

Kim S. 

Kimberli W. 

Favorite ERS Race: Snow Mountain Ranch
Reason: Location, and the changing colors. An absolutely beautiful location.   

Lynette J. 

The Endurance Race Series wouldn't be here if it weren't for the great trail running communities in which we operate. Through the years we have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals at our events, and sharing some great trail running stories. As we look to further these relationships and experiences we pride ourselves on the ability to grow within and connect to the trail running community.  

To help us grow our brand and recognition on the trails we have the honor to be represented by the following individuals. If you see them on the trails at an event near you, please feel free to say hello, and ask any questions you may have on the Endurance Race Series...  

You never know they may have a race discount for you!

Race Pace Pups

Favorite ERS Race: Black Mountain
Reason: This race is grueling, yet rewarding. The views and terrain make you feel like you are truly in the mountains without leaving the confines of the coast.  

Favorite ERS Race: Beaver Creek

Reason: The challenging elevation gain and scenic views before the fun single track.

Favorite ERS Race: Beaver Creek
Reason: The trails are challenging, and the views are spectacular.   

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Favorite ERS Race: Del Dios (Lake Hodges)
Reason: The course is not too technical, it is a beautiful time of year to run in San Diego and the course is stunning!

Annette D. 

Smitha A.