COVID-19 and Race Update

Updated: March 1, 2021


We would like to begin by thanking our runners, local communities, and sponsors for making Endurance Race Series what it is today.  We appreciate the ongoing support and patience through this unprecedented time. As we continue to navigate around the ever changing “Shelter-in-place” state and federal guidelines, we want to ensure you, we are committed to the safety of our runners, staff, and sponsors.


ERS was built on the determination of keeping people active and engaged in their local communities. We continue to work diligently with local and state governments to determine our next move, and the possibility of hosting our events this Summer. We understand that some of these decisions may have to be made last minute which does not make things easy for anyone, so your continued patience is appreciated. To help ease some of these decisions and possible frustration we have put the following into action:


  1. Minimum 30-day notice on any cancellation, postponement, or Approval of an event

  2. Virtual Race Options for ALL race registration in 2020, both Colorado and San Diego. Includes Season Pass Registration

  3. If you are already registered for a physical race, and we are required to cancel or postpone, we will offer 3 options:

    1. Transfer your current registration to the new race date (if postponed)

    2. Race Deferment to 2021

    3. Race Transfer to another ERS race later in the year

    4. Race transfer to the virtual option, so you can still earn race swag  


REFUND POLICY: Due to the circumstances of the cancellation we will not be offering refunds to any event cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19. Although the races may not be allowed to happen, registration monies are allocated for marketing, and event materials, like shirts, medals, bibs, etc… We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and hope that any one of our 3 options are applicable to all runners.



NEW EVENT UPDATE: The Dixon Lake trail race has been officially cancelled and made into a virtual race only option. 

The County of San Diego is not yet allowing special event’s to happen based on current state of California guidelines. We apologize that the state (and county) can’t get their shit together. We want to be out there racing just as bad as you do.  

 Please continue to check back in with us before each event. Once we get updates from each governing body where races are located, we will be updated our race webpages.


Thank you again everyone for your continued support and patience. Please stay safe and healthy. See you on the trails real soon!


Jeff Stoner

Race Director/ Owner

Endurance Race Series, LLC

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