Half Marathon Completes Course Twice

Figure 8 Course Design

Great for all Running Levels

(Pay Attention to Starting Elevation)

Additional Course Notes:

- If you love taking pictures, this is the race to do it. All the trails at Snow Mtn Ranch yield amazing fall colors and mountain scenery... oh and don't forget about the typical moose sightings this time of year.  

- Always cold at the start, but it warms up fast.

No Trail Running Experience Needed

Rolling Hills Course


Photos From Our Runners:

6 Aid Stations for Half


What the Runners Are Saying:

 "Snow Mountain Ranch has a couple nice gently rolling climbs, with a sunrise across the pond, grass range with a fall color backdrop, and golden aspen leaves falling and decorating the evergreens below. It's definitely the grand finale to the summer." - Stacy B. 

​​"It's not that I try to wish away the season, it's just that--hands-down--Snow Mtn Ranch is my favorite trail race of the whole series. It's the trail I look most forward to. " - Erika M.